Halo Engagement rings


Halo Engagement Rings –  vintage style engagement ring is a classic design that first came to light almost a century ago and has stood the test of time to remain hugely popular.

solitaire engagement rings


Solitaire Engagement Rings – An Solitaire diamond refers to a single diamond used for setting into jewellery designs. Used within a jewellery context, Solitaire describes a single stone piece of jewellery.

multi stone engagement rings


Multi stone Engagement Rings – High-end clusters of individual diamonds make a gorgeous engagement ring. Our multi-stone diamond rings feature groupings of round-cut, princess cut and baguette cut.

Engagement Rings by Elysian Diamonds Dublin

Engagement Rings in Dublin, Ireland by Elysian diamonds, we specialise in providing engagement rings, with a large selection of styles. Elysian Diamonds carry a broad variety of engagement rings starting from €950, with diamonds ranging from D in colour and Flawless clarity. Our engagement ring collections include classic styles with halos, solitaires, and 3-stone rings, as well as alternative designs with natural diamonds.

Engagement Rings Under €2,500 

Eternity Rings by Elysian Diamonds Dublin

Eternity Rings For Women

Eternity rings are perfect for saying “I do” at weddings and “I always will” on anniversaries and special occasions. With diamonds encrusted all around, these rings celebrate your infinite love and complement the shine of engagement and wedding rings.

Wedding Rings by Elysian Diamonds Dublin

Wedding Rings For Women

When you buy from us, you will know that your Wedding Ring will last as long as your love. If you have never seen one of our diamond wedding rings or bands, then you are about to be impressed, and you will be in possession of a piece of jewelry that will take your spouse’s breath away. Our attention to detail has earned us the respect of our past and current customers, and we know that our unmatched collection will not disappoint you.


rose gold engagement rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What is Rose Gold? Rose gold refers to and encompasses the whole family of red, rose and pink gold shades. Pure gold is alloyed with copper to produce the rose color. The more copper used, the redder the gold appears. A common mix—or alloy—for…
Diamond Engagement Ring Styles
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What to consider when getting an Engagement Ring

What to consider when getting an Engagement Ring The decision to propose often comes with a whirlwind of emotions. There’s excitement, there’s nervousness, there’s anticipation. And of course, there’s the thought of purchasing the engagement…
Diamond clarity chart
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How are Diamonds graded for clarity?

How are Diamonds graded for clarity? There are a number of factors that decide the value of a diamond but one of the most important is a diamond's clarity. The classic definition of clarity is a gemstones ‘relative freedom from blemishes…

The 4 C’s of buying diamonds

The 4 C’s of buying diamonds When you decide to buy a diamond engagement ring you ll often hear about the 4 C’s of diamonds but what are these 4 C’s? The 4 C’s are carat weight, cut, clarity and colour and together they provide a…
fancy cut diamond shapes

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy Cut Diamonds Most diamonds are cut in the standard round brilliant style but there are a number of other popular cut styles which customers sometimes request. In the image above you can see the typical round brilliant shape diamond…

Find Perfect Women’s Engagement Ring & Diamond Wedding Ring From Elysian Diamonds.

Elysian diamond designs are born from dreams then etched into gems one dedicated, masterful cut at a time. Shopping for a ring got a little simpler with our large selection of engagement ring settings ranging in designs that were meticulously handcrafted with love to fit the personal style of any woman. Select from trendy, modern engagement ring designs that will fill the heart of any contemporary woman, classic vintage-inspired engagement rings for the traditional romanticist, or take a few elements from different styles to create your ideal ring. Each beautifully unique diamond engagement ring handcrafted by Elysian is assembled and assessed by master jewelers Elysian diamonds offers a selection that everyone will love, no matter their style. We comprehend that choosing the right diamond engagement ring is an extraordinary moment in a couple’s life. When asking the special person in your life to be with you for the rest of your life, it is not something that you necessarily do without any planning. The ring is one of the most important elements of the proposal, we understand that the search for the perfect engagement  ring can be exhausting with lots of options to choose from and lots of questions when choosing the shape of the diamond to the decision of metal for the setting. Our unique diamond engagement rings and bridal sets capture the true love and excitement of your journey towards matrimony. Find engagement rings in many varieties of metals, from platinum to white, yellow and rose gold.

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