Halo Platinum Engagement Ring 1.35 Carat
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Top Tips for when Selecting Your Wedding Rings

There’s so much focus on your engagement ring that your wedding ring — and the groom’s — can find yourself being one thing of an afterthought. Your marriage ceremony ring just isn't solely a focal a part of your massive day, it is usually…

What Ring Will Look Best on my Finger

Different engagement rings flatter different finger types. Find the most flattering ring for your unique finger shape and size, be it short, long, slender or wide.
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How to Pick an Engagement Ring She will Love

Find the girl who is the “one.” Check.   Ask her father for her hand in marriage. Check.  Plan the perfect proposal. Check. Buy engagement ring. Hmmmm…..  Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task.
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Must See Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement rings for an angel! These divine styles look like they've dropped from heaven. Halo rings traditionally made up of a single central stone that's encased in a circle of diamonds, aren't for...
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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What is Rose Gold? Rose gold refers to and encompasses the whole family of red, rose and pink gold shades. Pure gold is alloyed with copper to produce the rose color. The more copper used, the redder the gold appears. A common mix—or alloy—for…
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Diamond Engagement Ring Styles
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What do you know about Vintage Engagement Rings?

What do you know about Vintage Engagement Rings? Antique Engagement Rings Engagement rings symbolize the bond that the soon-to-be-married couple share with one another. They should have their own personalities and characteristics to them.…
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What and When you should get a Eternity Band for

ETERNITY BANDS: THE FUNDAMENTALS An Eternity band (sometimes called infinity ring) is a part of the bridal ring set. An Eternity band is usually made of silver, gold, or platinum, and decorated with precious gemstones like diamond, ruby or…