Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

There are a couple of very popular style of engagement rings available in the market today. The most frequently requested styles fall into the following 3 general categories:

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Style

Multistone Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Within each of these three diamond ring types, there are multiple variations and stylistic differences.

Halo Diamond Rings

Halo Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring 1.40 Carat

Halo diamond rings are a very popular choice for newly engaged couples today and are a more modern take on the classic solitaire style diamond ring. A large centre diamond is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds in a circle. The halo itself is usually paved or claw set and its shape can vary from circular to rectangular to marquise depending on the shape of the centre stone which will either be a round brilliant or fancy cut shape. The shoulders of the ring can either be plain or diamond-studded depending on the buyer’s preference. Because of the additional stones, the total carat weight of the ring will generally be substantially more than the carat of the main stone.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

 diamond engagement ring

The solitaire diamond ring is the original classic style with one main centre stone mounted on a plain or diamond encrusted shank. Many solitaires have just one centre diamond on a platinum or white gold ring (or yellow/rose gold) but it is also very popular to have a centre stone complemented by smaller shoulder set diamonds. The size and quality of the centre stone is the primary determinant of the price you ll pay rather than the smaller side stones. The round brilliant cut diamond is the most common option with solitaires but cushion cuts, princess cut, marquise and emerald cuts are also often applied to the main stone. A narrower band solitaire can suit small fingers and make the main stone appear larger.

Multistone Diamond Rings

multistone diamond ring

Multistone diamond rings come in a myriad of different styles and as the name suggests, usually have multiple larger diamonds rather than a single centre stone dominant on the ring. Styles here can vary between antique, heart cut, sidestone, three stone, tension set, multi-halo and so on.

The three stone ring is perhaps the most commonly purchased type of multistone ring and generally consists of one main stone flanked by two slightly smaller side stones. The diamonds are usually round brilliant or princess cut on this style.

This is an example of round brilliant cut multistone rings:

multistone diamond ring

This is a good example of princess cut multistone rings:

3 Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Another multistone style which is occasionally seen is the heart shaped multistone ring. Here the centre of the ring often has 3 round round brilliant stones in the centre surrounded by a heart shaped halo. This is a good example of this type of ring:

multistone heart engagement ring

One multistone design which has seen an increase in popularity lately is ‘tension set’ multistone or trilogy rings where three diamonds usually round brilliants or princess cut stones are held in place by the tension created by the shape of the ring itself. A good example of this modern design is available here:

Multistone Engagement Diamond Ring

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