fancy cut diamond shapes

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Most diamonds are cut in the standard round brilliant style but there are a number of other popular cut styles which customers sometimes request.

fancy cut diamonds shapes

In the image above you can see the typical round brilliant shape diamond followed by ‘fancy cut’ diamond shapes. Some stones are also cut into ‘novelty’ shapes such as an animal or star for example but in the main, fancy cuts refers to the shapes above apart from the standard round brilliant.


As diamond cutting technologies have evolved this has allowed diamond cutters to develop their own unique cuts which can then be branded. Many branded cuts become more widely used after their initial patents expired.


Some of these cuts are detailed below:


Radiant Cut: this is a cut cornered square or rectangular modified brilliant diamond


Asscher Cut: dating back to the early 1900’s this is the predecessor of the emerald cut. This is a cut cornered square or rectangular step cut with wide corners that are almost octagonal in shape


Princess Cut: This is a square or rectangular modified brilliant ocasionally with corners that have bezel or french tips and a variable number of facets


Quadrillion Cut: dating back to 1979 this is a square modified brilliant style. It preceded the princess cut style but is often today referred to as the princess cut. However quadrillion cuts have a narrower range of proportions than true princess cut stones.


Trillion and Trilliant cuts: Nowadays these cuts refer to variations of triangular brilliants but originally these were trademarked names for triangular and modified triangular brilliant cut stones

Trapeze Cuts: A diamond cut into a trapezoid shape with various cutting styles is referred to as a trapeze cut stone.