vintage engagement rings

What do you know about Vintage Engagement Rings?

Antique Engagement Rings

Engagement rings symbolize the bond that the soon-to-be-married couple share with one another. They should have their own personalities and characteristics to them. This is why we’d say that antique engagement rings are the best for this. They have a story behind them that a newly-made ring hasn’t yet written.


What is an antique engagement ring?

To be considered an antique ring, an engagement ring should be over 50 years old, while an estate engagement ring is newer than that. Antique rings are unique, and considering that they were made so long ago, showed the love and care the artisan had for their craft. A ring needs to be crafted with intricate techniques to be able to endure all that time and still be in a condition to become someone’s engagement ring.


An “antique ring” is an umbrella term that’s used to define any old ring, but there’s actually a little bit more to it than that.


Antique Engagement Ring Styles

Victorian Antique Engagement Rings (1835-1900)

During the Victorian era, composite golds were very common material for engagement rings. Most of the rings from this time were made of yellow or rose gold with very minimal and simplistic designs. These rings are usually decorated with rows of diamonds and pearls on the outside, and they usually have a facet at the bottom of the ring.


Edwardian Engagement Rings (1900-1920)

Due to the invention of the oxyacetylene torch, metals with a higher boiling point like platinum suddenly became much more popular. Plus, these torches also helped jewellers to include decorating techniques that were too complicated to do in the past. Rings of this era were usually decorated with diamonds and sapphires.


Art Deco Engagement Rings (1920-1930)

These types of the ring were the physical manifestation of the 1920’s culture, vibrant, buoyant, and extravagant. The Art Deco rings usually include gemstones with contrasting colours and the bands are typically made of platinum. The designs are quite subtle, yet elegant with shiny, glittering decorations and streamlined looks.


Things to Know About Antique Engagement Rings



Diamonds have always been the most common gem for engagement rings because they are durable and they always shine no matter the condition. Other softer stones like pearl and emerald opal are prone to cracking, so you need to make sure you check for those.



As mentioned, antique rings were crafted with different techniques and care from today’s jeweller. They had more time to focus on their crafts, which means that the best artisans of yesteryears were true masters at their arts. If you were to hire a jeweller nowadays to make an exact replica of an antique ring, they will charge you a ridiculous rate, and the quality might not be as good as the authentic one.



Ring crafters from different eras utilized different techniques to make rings that fit with the trend at the time. For example, diamond engagement rings during the 30s and the 40s are will use emboldening techniques that make the diamonds on the ring looks larger than they actually are. Look for the aesthetics that you like and go for the rings according to those time frames.


Diamond Quality

We now have technologies to assess diamond quality in a much more detailed manner. This means that diamond rings you find today will have diamonds of similar quality and colour, as those are now the industry standards. However, people back in the days didn’t have a way to cut diamond or inspect its internal flaws as clearly as we do today. You will find antique rings with all types of diamond quality because of this fact.


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