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What to consider when getting an Engagement Ring

The decision to propose often comes with a whirlwind of emotions. There’s excitement, there’s nervousness, there’s anticipation. And of course, there’s the thought of purchasing the engagement ring.


Buying an engagement ring is often what starts to make it all feel real. A ring is a symbol of commitment to your partner – someone who you want in your life for the long-run. This symbol combines practicality with passion. Not only do you have to choose something that she’ll love, but something that will last forever.


Are you shopping for engagement rings? If so, here are a few practical points to consider so you can wrap up your purchase and move on to planning the big proposal!



You want the love of your life to be wearing the ring as much as possible. It will be sitting there on his or her finger, nestled right next to their wedding ring. This is why it’s crucial for you to think about your partner’s way of life and whether or not the ring will work within their daily activities.


If your partner works as a teacher, a nurse, a chef, or something of the sort where he or she is required to come into contact with people and work with his or her hands, you may want to consider something that doesn’t get in the way of what they have to do. Perhaps consider a ring without elevated diamonds.


If your partner is athletic and has to wear certain equipment of gear, take that into consideration as well. Consider whether or not he or she will have to remove the ring.


If your partner is creative and willing to get down and dirty with paints, food, or even garden soil, it’s best that you choose something that is easy to clean. Consider a solitaire in a prong setting.



Everyone has their own sense of style and chances are your partner does too. Spend some time observing what he or she gravitates towards wearing, whether at work, out on the town, or even while hanging out at home. Consider the materials, the colors, the jewelry choices. This will be incredibly insightful and will help you a lot in your decision.



If you have yet to start shopping, prepare yourself in advance. Most rings cost a lot more than you’d think. That being said, there are often rings for every budget and it’s usually just a matter of looking for the right deal.


That being said, it’s important for you to settle on an amount that you are willing to spend. It may be tempting to buy the biggest and most expensive ring for the most important person in your life, but do consider that there are a lot of options out there and you’ll probably be able to find something incredible within your budget.



Although rings can certainly be resized, it’s always better to get it right the first time. Some are difficult to resize and some will never be the same again. Also, your beloved may very well wish to keep it on his or her finger after the proposal.


To figure out his or her ring size, see if you can borrow a ring that you know fits on the ring finger of their left hand. You can compare it to ring size references on the internet or even take it down to the shop with you if possible.


If your loved one doesn’t happen to wear rings, you could try being sneaky and measuring their ring figure as they sleep. If he or she is a deep sleeper, you may be able to pull off measuring with a piece of string.


Another fun thing to do is to get one of his or her friends in on it. Have them try on rings for fun and report ring size back to you.



An engagement ring is certainly not a small purchase. However, it’s a significant one that you want to last forever. You wouldn’t take such an investment lightly, would you?


There is a number of things that could happen to such a small, valuable item. It could get lost, stolen, or damaged. To keep your investment safe, make sure that the ring you get is under a warranty. Don’t forget to purchase insurance as well!